Sunday, 30 May 2010

Our favourite summer band

For me it all started (well, you know, not all, but yesterday’s performance) as I was on the way to the venue. I was cycling through Tivoli (Ljubljana’s answer to Hyde Park) and from the distance I heard some synthesiser music that reminded me of the one man bands you could find at the Croatian seaside in the 1980s. I had absolutely no idea what to do with this piece of information as – at least as far as I know – the only thing Laibach could possibly have in common with them is the time period.
So, I was cycling towards MGLC (the venue) at a constantly decreasing pace (nothing to do with the fact that it was uphill). My head was full of thoughts like ‘I got the days mixed up’, ‘I was kidnapped by Doctor Who’s phone booth and taken to another dimension’, ‘My mind is playing games with me (again)’ and similar. But no, I arrived and saw loads of people who seemed to be waiting for the same thing as me. And yet the music did not change. Until… it did! It changed into a version of the intro of Jane’s Addiction’s I’ve been caught stealing. And the barking just went on an on… as intimidating as Laibach were (or tried to be in the 1980s) this time they managed to intimidate a dog, who did not feel safe even when standing right next to his owner.
Well, this was followed by an actual half hour performance by the band, which was nothing special, but much improved from the background tracks somebody has been serving us until that moment. Their call for revolution did not sound as powerful and energetic (and was not so carefully planned) as it did in the 80s but then times are changing… (at this point I almost went into a historical discourse, but for a change my better judgement kicked in).
Anyway, as soon as they finished, the one man band soundalike was back and I cycled into town as fast as I could.

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