Monday, 31 January 2011

It is all Punk and Two Tone

Went to see a very, very young band (somebody said they were 13, 14 & 16 - almost Hanson – isn’t that what those three kids that had the mmmbob song were called? - age) that played punk. And even though they lacked the conviction when playing God save the queen (it was at that moment I thought... errr punk is not all about just the song and performing it... you need the energy... you need to be a bit tough... you know, one day you will find yourself at a venue where somebody will chuck something on stage and I tell you, you will be petrified (no not overcome by Petra)... I think too young for punk does exist... Even though I remember that I used to listen to and enjoy it when I was their OK, disproving myself again...)

Then there was a time jump, skip, vault, leap... You know a band that was formed at the end of the 70s, when punk came round the first time appeared on stage... And they probably enjoyed themselves even more than the young ones (the young ones weren’t 100% relaxed, but were not that tense either)...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Midnight exhibition

(ok, that's a total lie... it was only about 11.20 pm). Sunday night.
When you have friends in high and influential places anything can happen. So after hanging out at the studio, debating life and misery, watching Besson's Angel-A and realising that the mirror part was so ‘I’ (all 4 of us) and that all four of us could do with an angel just like that, we went downstairs and unlocked the gallery.
It is always good to see someone's first exhibition. You are bound to see something new. And these photos were good. Certainly better than my first exhibition. But what it had in common with my first exhibition was that we both wanted to present too many things at the same place at the same time. And this is more of a distraction than anything else. Arrrgh now I just sound like a know-it-all smart alec, ehm. I guess I better shut up and give Mitja the best advice I can: Just do your stuff.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Things that make me late...

There I am. Headphones on. Listening to 'Lost in the supermarket' by The Clash. Whizzing on my bike (the one that was stolen a day or two ago, but then abandoned 200 metres away). On my way to meet for a drink with my friend. The streets (no, not Mike Skinner) are empty. It is way too cold and that time in the evening when everybody who wanted to be out is there already, those who wanted to stay in have their feet up in front of the telly and it is still too early for people to be heading home...

And then I see this and think: ‘I could maybe do a photo of this.’ But by the time this thought enters the conscious me, I am already down the street. So, I turn the bike round and cycle back uphill. I take a photo and another... and look around... and think: ‘That over there looks kinda cool.’ So I walk over there. Take a photo. Change the settings. Take another. Look around. See something else. But think: ‘No, I better go, I am late already.’ So off I go and leave another photo opportunity for another day.

As I walk in to the cafe I can see him. He has started his beer. Yup, I am definetly late.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Digital primitives

Don't believe them, they are just trying to mislead you. There are not digital, and there are not that primitive either... well, one song was a bit on the primitive side, but it was more having a laugh than anything else...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dancing at CD again

You know that if I see a dance performance in the day, that the photo on the blog will be from the dance... As usually I got slightly carried away when posting photos on my picasa, but to me they just seemed so aesthetically pleasing to the eye I could not leave any out, even if they are similar one to another... But I will not hold it against you if you do not go through them all...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Poetry evening

After a long time I went to a poetry evening... and one has to ask himself: Is poetry dead, is it lingering underground, or has it just gave up and moved to Frogstar World B where it started a new life? I mean, OK, I will admit, it was not an excellent poetry evening and it didn't have a chance of changing the world, but it was fun and it did have a few ideas thrown in and we all got to meet the poet, and had a drink... but where were the people? What more does one want? In my books it beats staying at home watching TV anyday...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Almost opening

Went to an opening that went a bit know some computer stuff running in the background and it all worked until an hour before the opening and then... Kaboom! No more. Well so there we were waiting for the whole thing to happen, and suddenly it all worked... Unfortunately they only let in 1 person at a time so I went next door for a drink while waiting (no not by myself, silly) and when I came back it still worked... and then when it was almost my turn... yeah, you guessed... it didn't work ... I guess that is how it is when you try to apply new technologies and freshly written code to art... But anyway, sometime during the wait I. & I had a small photo session... just to keep us on our toes :) and here is 1 photo from the session...
And now I suppose I can wait for a real bollocking from I. as I didn't mention her photo appearing on my blog (as I thought I would do something from the opening)... but I think it does her justice, so she can't be too mad....

Monday, 24 January 2011

Messing around

(again). I expect that a great part of it is just messing around with the camera. Not all photos you take in life will be good, and just plainly messing around can teach you a lot. You know it is like the lion cubs playing and learning through it. And I think that I have so far not done the all so common photo in the mirror. So here it is...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday night dancing

Well, obviously not me (well later on, at the concert I went to, I did sort of move my legs a bit and wobble my body to the slightly too clean sounds of the sort of Latin Jazz sounds). But here I was just watching through the little peephole I call my camera, and the dance crew did all the dancing...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fun evening

Went to a concert and saw Miss.bee, Bei the Fish and Laka. I think all three bands (most of all Laka though) aim to be entertaining... They all sound a bit sort of 80s and have that joy when they mess around with keyboards and strange electronic sounds...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Laziest person alive

There are some evenings that I cannot (for the life of me) find the energy to go out to watch or listen to something. You know how it is... you have been working most of the day (tons of stress and deadlines that whoosh past you) and you are fed up with everything and something that you normally look forward to (like an evening out with your camera) seems impossible to do...
Luckily I at least went for a coffee while the sun was shining and on the way took this photo, so I have at least something to show.

Monday, 17 January 2011


The good thing about being healthy again is that I can go and watch things again... performances, openings, concerts... And I can take photos (usually)... which just makes it better...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Swimming pool

I celebrated my big 3-0 birthday in this swimming pool. Looking at this picture anyone would think that must have been at least 2100 years ago, which would make me 2130 years old. And yes, there are days when I feel like I should not be translating archaeological texts, but should be studied for one. But then again there are also plenty of days I feel like a daft 17 year old, or a completely lost 5 year old. So who knows how old I am...