Monday, 30 June 2014

The young rhymes festival

was back with a vengeance and I just about managed to catch the very last day of the festival, which was invaded by young American poets.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

My quick photo session

with Zoran Srdić Janežič at his exhibition.

Artist spanking the politician

Artist slaying the system

 Artist saving his friend

Death of the artist

 Death of the artist II

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My good friend Cat

seems to have become worried that my daily blog has become way too erratic and that it sees new updates on rare occasions (I think my dad also shares this opinion, and I completely agree with them both), so I thought I better post something before my blog is officially (but way prematurely, for it hopefully still has a bit of oomph in it) declared dead, a stiffy, a gonner, a has been that has is forever visiting its 2TB cloud and is riding the great shiny binary code in the sky  (yes, I know you have not failed to notice the great Monthy Python influence here). And I ask you, could there be a better day to do this than a day in which I have successfully proven (once again, and in a matter of hours) to be a true hard core culture whore (without even planning to do so).
First of all I bumped into Lolita

They were in the middle of their soundcheck for their evening gig, but that surely could not (and did not) stop me from taking my camera out and taking a few photos. Unfortunately, they told me that they will start with the gig at 8, and by that time this man with the camera in his backpack had to be elsewhere. So I bid them farewell and dropped in on an opening on the way:


where I was glad to see (alongside the art and the two artist of course) a painter (not one of the ones exhibiting) showing and discussing the paintings with his daughter (yes, I definitely decided to go with this interpretation of events). After this I had to whiz off to do some work (which you might notice from the next photo does not differ greatly from the things I tend to do for fun, with the one single great difference, that it pays some of the bills (which, even though I might come across as a care free photographer roaming the streets and having fun, I do have (unfortunately)), which makes my bank happy - at least I think they are by far the happiest when I get some money into my account as they have second dibs to it - right after the government - oh, have I mentioned recently how really great it is?):

I definitely tried to do my best here (but then again, I guess I always try to do my best) even though I was slightly distracted by the commotion going on just a few meters away. Of course, I went to take a closer look, and took with me my little camera. And there they were, a punk band (apparently) from Argentina (I think?) singing a Motorhead song and wearing a Metallica T-shirt (?). Oh well, you live and learn, said the photographer in an old fogey's manner:

Of course, I returned to my work post after a few songs and took some more photos, but afterwards I went to listen to a bit of ska, to get some of that happy music (and even though I did not grow up in the ska era as such (well maybe, at the end of the second wave and during the third wave), I associate ska with the days in London as a child - fuzzy memories, but I remember hearing songs by the Specials and Madness, and I remember the black and white cover of the specials LP, and being in a record shop with my dad where there were some black and white ska posters or badges or something - my oh my, have I strayed...). Anyroad, I think I better end this short report with a black and white photo of the new guy (trying to make his way up in the band, and I am sure that he will soon take over the entire photo) in the ska band Void Union: