Friday, 21 May 2010

Do you...

see what I see? Sometimes I wonder how we perceive the same thing. So here it is... take your time (you know in today's world 27 consecutive seconds spent on any single thing means shows total focus and dedication – ah, I do love do be cynical sometimes) and take a look at it. Think about it. Try to describe it. Write it down in the comment area. ‘Why?’ you might ask... Well, for fun. As a mental exercise. So I am not the only daft one writing all the time :). Because it is the weekend. Because there is absolutely nothing better to do. ‘Cos you want to be clever. Pick a reason, any reason.


  1. It's a man standing on some rubble, dwarfed by a crane. I can't decide if they are building or demolishing, but there's barbed wire between us and them. Oh yes, and it's predominantly yellow/orange except for the man who's blue.

  2. Ahhh... I was not going for such a literal depiction... but it is as good a start as any ...