Thursday, 20 May 2010

Evening of

easy electronics with some non-electronics thrown in. It was a relaxing evening with lo-hi-fi, Mora Calix & Oliver Coates and Burnt Friedman (Burnt and Fried? now that's unlucky...)& Jaki Liebezeit. A very fitting concert for the type of week I have been having (exhausting). Here everybody seemed to have a combination of 1 instrument + computer and they all played quite easy, sort of chill out music. I'll just tell you the main combos and then I'll let you be: lo-hi-fi (electric guitar & computer), Calix & Coates (Computer & cello) and Friedman & Leibezeit (Drums & computer).
At this the term computer is used rather loosely...


  1. lo-hi-fi had 3 syntheseizers and a guitar, no computers :D

  2. ql :) I actually got somebody to comment on something... and thanx for the input :)

  3. and that is just about right 3 synths just about make one computer :)
    (and Friedman and Liebezeit also had a strange device that I would not know what to call, but with certain processing power and non-mechanical sound producing capabilities)