Friday, 28 October 2011

15o continues

and this time they had the support of the demolition group. Surely, getting a band called Demolition Group to join 15.october protests in front of the Ljubljana (well Austrian really, just to show you how these financial things go) stock exchange can not be a coincidence. I mean, how could it be? So, there we were, waiting for the demolition to start. You could just feel the anticipation in the air.Some people even stayed at work late just to see what is going to happen (yes, the lights on the 2nd floor).
But then they got the news. 'Boys, there is going to be no demolition today. You can play a few songs, but no bricks will be moved. After all this is a peaceful protest.' And this sure brought the guys down. They were sad and did not know what to do, because they came here to do their job and they wanted to do it right, so what are they to do...? As the old ones seemed to be a tad lost, the young generation took charge of things and showed us that there is a future ahead of us all. As long as play the music, things are going to happen.
And yes, as always when hope is restored, or in times of desperation, in good times and in bad times, whether happy or sad, blue or green, young or old, one always ends up in bed, so why should this blog be an exception?

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