Friday, 14 October 2011

Total manipulation

(for a change)
In my head it might as well have looked like this as the two photos (which form this very simple collage) were taken within half an hour and 10 km of each other. And it does feel weird sometimes, all this jumping around and swift changes. It really is totally different to my translation work (well, there I might also be sometimes translating a highly expert archaeological text only to be interrupted by a last minute translation for a daft speaker in the parliament (because somebody came from overseas and he wants to impress him), so really it is not that different in my head, it is just physically static (except for my fingers) – and this immediate negation showed you that I never think what I will write on my blog, I always just write it as I go along). So before I reveal any more highly classified secrets as to how I approach my blog, I better bid you all fairwell, so, until tomorrow...

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