Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On a road to nowhere

The wet streets. The empty streets. The dark streets. The streets that will soon be covered in snow. The streets with lights that have no meaning to you. Lights that blind you as you walk by with fully dilated pupils. It was the crystal meth you took. A few minutes ago. In the dark back alley. Some of it slipped from your little silver packet and fell onto the wet ground. You fell on all fours and licked the soaking street, like a stray dog quenching his thirst. Hoping you will get some of it back. Flowing down your veins. Hitting against the internal organs. Shutting them down one by one. Crushing the wounded heart. Blasting away the maddening thoughts. Making you believe you are sitting in a warm, dry room, watching telly, your lover at your side. His arms wrapped around you, protecting you from the cold outside. Not giving a thought to tomorrow. No worries, no threats.
As your shadow slowly brushed against mine on this cold, wet night, all of this desperation leaped out of your pores and clenched onto my face, slowly loosing grip and sliding down my duffel coat. Some of it ended up in my pocket, the rest was washed away, carried down the streets by the winter rain.

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