Saturday, 15 October 2011


Alanis would have said if she were here. Just 100 metres away from where the 99% of the people (which reminds me - where were you? Or have you made it to the 1% and no longer care for the man (yes, and woman) in the street?) were demonstrating against the 1% of the extremely rich and powerful the German status symbol of the not quite so rich was promoting their newest and shiniest. I don't know if they were intentionally taking the Mickey out of the underpaid and underprivileged, have they developed a brand new efficient, safe and green car that the 99% of the people will be able to afford, or was their even manager just not thinking at all?
But enough about the company that is too lazy (or not creative enough) to think of a proper name for themselves. Let's get back to 15O. The October revolution? I thought the warming up period already took place in September, with the occupy Wall Street movement. And that now people will just come out of the woodwork and show solidarity, or stand up for their rights or just come and show their starving bodies and disillusioned souls. I don't know, I am no financial wizard or guru (as a quick glance at my bank account will tell you), but I think there is something wrong with a system where the rich get the profits when doing well (bank shareholders – by the way, do you remember the times when banking was free and banks were still more than capable of making profits) and the poor pay off the debts when the same people are creating a loss. I don't know how it works with you, but with me (as a freelancer) it works like this: when I am doing well, I put some money aside and when I am not doing well (which is lately more likely to be linked to institutions not paying for the work I have done than me actually not getting contracted for work) and then use it sparingly in times when the big shots screw with the system and nobody gets paid (why doesn’t somebody bail me - or you - out?). Again, not have studied economics, I think it is also wrong that a person pays over a grand a year for health insurance only to be told by the doctor that this €30 test will just add costs to his surgery which is why he will not do it, because he is not obliged (that is on the state level – yes hello America, countries in Europe are following your shiny example of medical care)... In the same breath he tells you that of course, if you want to pay yourself, he will do the test anytime. So anyway, enough ranting from me... Just to sum up, if I got this right, we have got no rights, but we still have to pick up the bill... so, will this just wither away and will we say farewell in another revolution? Or...

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