Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Roman Invasion

While strolling to town on a sunny Saturday morning I bumped into a Roman invasion. A bit like the Spanish inquisition, nobody expects a Roman invasion. Well, not in this day and age, anyway. So imagine my surprise and horror at the thought that I will have to learn Latin (after skilfully avoiding it for decades). (No mea latine gratias) I decided that drastic measures need to be taken. Once, a long, long time ago, I met a girl who went by the name SuperNegotiatorGirl. She gave me her mobile number and said to call her if ever I need some super negotiating powers. I grabed hold of my mobile and even though I got her number a few mobiles ago, the number seemed to have been transfered to the new one. This boy has more luck then sense methinks. So one phonecall later she suddenly appeared in front of the Legatus Legionis. She had to cancel a negotiation between some world leader and his teenage daughter, but I guess it was well worth it. After hours of negotiations, the ladies came out to gossip
the children came out to playthe peasants jumped of joy
and the local governor stripped and ran across the field shouting 'I won, I won!'

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