Sunday, 30 October 2011


Ufff... Now I am in trouble. When I was on my way to see this performance a poem started forming in my head about this hipster turning up at a party with a Molotov cocktail (you know, in the here is a bottle, thanx for the invite way) (you see I have seen the Scream before, but a different version, so I was expecting some Molotov cocktails to be tossed about the place). And then, while I was watching the performance I got an idea for a photo. So after the performance I stepped to the crew and asked if I could do a photo - very unlike me - and guess what. We did it! And now the problem is that the feeling of the unwritten poem and the photo are completely unrelated (well not completely, but far enough), so as I look at the empty blog space I want to write about this hipster coming to a party, but it gives such a different feeling to the photo it makes me think no... I just can't. So, for today, you will just have to satisfy your curiosity with the photo and this little insight into the way my brain works ...
(and be on the look out for the poem that will appear somewhere else - hopefully)

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