Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bikofe auction

Sunday afternoon. Not sunny. Not warm. Auction day at the local café.
As I came early to register (so I could bid for the dislocated family unit far away in another part of Europe) I still had some time to mess around while waiting for the auction to start. So what does one do when he has time on his hands... errrr... take photos?
While I was messing about the DJ was testing out the vinyl. Does it still scratch? Are the 80s still here? Of course they are!
The crowd gathered...

.. some tried out the things on sale...
and then the auction started.
Do I see a glove raised in the back? Are you bidding or just taking a photo? To me it seems to be somewhere in between the two. An undecisive bidder perhaps.

Some random cuteness... favourite drawer...

and even though everybody was having an excellent time, in the end the hammer had to fall (or we were all hammered, feel free to pick your ending)

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