Saturday, 7 May 2011

Staying positive

Went to see Staff Benda Bilili... I must say I did not know anything about them until one day ago... Well, except that they were going to play at the Druga godba festival. Then my photographer friend told me she has seen a documentary film about them and that they are a great bunch... which made me think, ok, I really have to go and see these guys... So after a long day I ended up at the concert... Not in the best mood, as we had a downer experience on the way from an otherwise great day, but looking at these guys enjoying themselves on stage even though most of them were in wheelchairs and as much as I have understood have led extremely tough lives, sure makes you think... and adds a different perspective... so to all of you (us) out there who tend to be miserable and complain just because we have not won the lottery, or because your girlfriend gave you a nasty look in the morning, or your boss was in a bad mood yesterday, or your car broke down just as you wanted to leave for a round of golf... think. And stop whining for a second. Help the old crippled lady across the street. Ask the weeping child what is wrong.
(I added this photo because his expression made me feel his tranquility in life, so yes, once again I am breaking my rules)

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  1. In addition to all you said above, I would note that in the album you have got some fantastic shots that are really full of character and help illustrate the points you make.