Monday, 16 May 2011

All's well that ends well...

Sometimes it all works out in the end. The way it was meant to. And for the best (this wave of optimism seems a bit overwhelming, I know). I really wanted to go and see this performance. Of course, part of my joy of watching performances is also capturing moments in my faithfull lens... But after a few e-mails it seemed that this will just not happen (well, the only way I could go was by substituting the photographer they usually use, which would mean he would loose out on a job, and this is just not done). So... it seemed like I would be staying at home... Because this was the performance of the night as far as I was concerned... the other things did not really tickle my fancy... so there I was prepared to spend a night at home for a change (in fact I just boiled the kettle to make some tea that would go down nicely while reading a book) when Ryuzo phoned and asked me if I can come and photograph anyway... And guess what I replied? (I will leave you guessing, but while you are thinking about it, you might want to look at these photos ...)

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