Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Slovene Rap

It kicked off with a film... a short overview of the history of Slovene rap... and once we were all into it we were treated to a concert that reminded me of a fashion show...Not because they wore carefully selected designer clothes (even though I am sure some of them did, but because it started off by each rapper coming on stage (catwalk) and presenting one of his songs (dresses) and in the end they all came out together to show us the entire new spring/summer collection...
Of course with rappers it is all to do about attitude and putting on a show (again, not that disimilar to models walking down the catwalk), but what truly led me to this fashion show association was at the end when they were all on stage together (ok, not all, but a lot of them) they all walked around the stage like tigers in a cage (hence catwalk, which inevitably led to the fashion show association). Come to think of it, they walked around the stage like tigers in a cage all of the time, even when they are alone on stage
Even though I am not a great rap fan, I do have a few CD-s at home and I do listen to them every now and then... I am usually impressed by the lyrics (which makes it obvious that I do not listen to Gangster rap), 'cos they seem to be socially aware of the events unfolding around them, and they try their best to draw attention to the various injustices happening in this world... as for the gangsta rap... well, they just seem to have had a testosterone overdose which makes them talk rubbish most of the time..

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