Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tina, Damir and Stephen

Made it in the end. I was convinced that I will not see Damir at all, because I was at an opening, and one just cannot be in two places at the same time, can one? Nope. Sorry, I know you thought you can, but it is just not (humanly) possible... Or is it? What was that Einstein said (now he is someone I would love to have met)? No, I will stick to my theory. You just can't do it. It is impossible.
However... Sometimes you are lucky... And the concert starts fashionably late and even though I was even more fashionably late (or how should I put this?) I managed ta catch some of it. Maybe even just enough of it... enough to keep me wanting more...
The concert was good, but maybe the recital at the end was even better... I like the way he lets go... Disconnect the brakes, pour out the brake fluid, and hit the wall at full speed (mentally of course)... even though I have a feeling that as real as this used to be, it has now became a part of the performance as such... but it still seems an excellent way to let out some of the pressure that builds up inside... which makes me think... shall I go and sing one song at a concert on Friday?

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  1. And that yay means, 'yes, do go and sing a song at a concert on Friday'.