Saturday, 4 June 2011

The twit that I am

I leave home, as one does, for Saturday lunch. Just lunch I say. Nothing special. I lock the door and set off. We have lunch and just as we are walking for coffee and ice-cream we see some demonstrations taking place. As we are not ones to miss out on demonstrations (if it is a good cause, of corse) we checked it out and saw that the demos are in support of the migrant worker's rights so we joined in and offered our support. So there I am. In the middle of a demo. It doesn't really take an Einstein to realise what the next step should be... Take out my camera and start taking photos... But, the twit that I am I didn't have my camera on me... so I had to rely on my camera phone... And it was funny, because all the photoghraphers were asking me: 'So now you think you can do it just with a phone, eh?' It seems like in the same way as I have got used to carrying my camera around for most of the time, other people have also got used to me with a lens sticking out where my nose should be...

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