Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I suppose at this point you would all expect a photo from the opening. And I must say that even I would expect that, but it is just unbelievable how wrong we can all be. I tell you, it is almost impossible to take photos at your own openings. You see, the place is crawling (in a good way) with friends, family, people you know, people you met at a concert or another exhibition, people you are still about to meet (of course they are all fashionably late, so they all miss your wonderful 25 minute speech that explains everything anybody needs to know about photography, music and life itself – but then I believe a good monologue should be conducted every now and then). And you want to speak to all of them. You want to dedicate so much attention and time to each one of them as if you are meeting them and only them for a drink. And guess what. Ce n’est pas possible. And then you realise your camera is sitting at the table, doing nothing. And you think ‘Oh well, another day, another time.’ And you get back to your friends and enjoy the evening.

But, once it all settled down a bit and the concert was coming to an end, I did take the camera out and take a dozen or so photos of the band (it is in the blood after all) so without further ado... (you know how it goes...)

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