Thursday, 2 June 2011


Not the Indy 500... Not half a grand (which Mike knows doesn't come for free - even though I am wondering whether he changed his mind on that one). And not a Fiat 500 either. Nor the 500 miles the Proclaimers would walk (not the first 500 nor the second 500). And no, unlikely as it might sound, it is not 500 years of solitude either. Nor the 500 beats per minute my heart races everytime I think of you.
It is post No. 500 (Is there anybody out there who has has read them all? If yes, can he or she write a 500 word summary? :) ). Anyway, I was so excited about this I was in dire need of calming down and I guess the second - no make that the third - best thing to calm someone down is a pacifier. And as luck would have it (yup sometimes I strike it lucky) there was one just hanging around.


  1. Vse najboljše :)

  2. I can summarise in fewer than 500 words: Sunc likes to take photos and often they move him to write something creative. We are all better off for these daily distractions from our mundanity.