Monday, 16 April 2018

There I was

standing in Parliament Square, trying to push world peace a tiny step forward

 for most of us know that war is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st century (I know I just repeated the message from the photo there, but as I am listening to The Clash's London Calling played on BBC 6 music, it makes me all that more aware that some messages need to be repeated, just to sink in).

 And then we all heard a very energetic call for ceasefire (excellent, energetic version of the song, unfortunately I forgot who did the original)

 and a speech delivered by Francesca Martinez (got to love her for her energy).

and it made me think how come there are so few of us? 
Did we plan to combat the MPs one on one and we were afraid somebody might call in an unfair fight if we came in larger numbers?
Or don't we care no more?
Or don't we believe in changes?
My dear Londoner's, I'm terribly sorry, but this just won't do.
It really won't. 
We need to do something about the situation in this world
and there ain't no point in waiting
as tomorrow we might all be dead. 

At the end of the protest, in a feeble attempt to at least try and restore some order to my life 
 I went to listen to Lucas & King

and Roxanne de Bastion (who performed with a broken ankle and a huge smile) 
play to us at The Lexington

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