Saturday, 21 April 2018

Record Store Day

at the local Rough Trade with Isaac Gracie

 the Members (with Calle, who I saw the day before at the Dublin Castle playing with Danie)

 and Chris from the Members who deserves a special mention as he and I sometimes meet for a pint in a cheap pub somewhere in Hammersmith
Haley (who did four (I think) record stores on this day, and not all of them in London, so I guess she can be forgiven for her slight lateness)   

and Pictish Trail who spend a week getting to London from a small Scottish Island (I think he said it wad the Island of Egg or what that Eigg?) but should left a few days earlier so he would have time to get acquainted with his gadget (but he did make it all up with his people skills)

and Girl Ray who brought the afternoon of music and fun to an end.  

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