Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ment - day 2

Ufff... I have heard and seen (as we photographers like to do) 7 bands tonight and that was quite exhausting...

It all started with this young French duo (Ropoporose), who had some really good energy on stage. They were followed immediately by 

Any Other (an Italian trio), who seemed to be holding back most of the time... Like they were afraid they might do something wrong if they really show us what they want to show us (they did manage to show us what they are all about in two songs towards the end, and I say: go for it). There was another band in the same venue, but I decided it was time to pack my bag and head downtown, to the old power plant where I was awaited by

Ana Ćurčin, who apparently forgot her band at home, so she had a quiet solo performance, which I am afraid I was to bubbly (I know, it sounds weird) for at the time (I crashed into a totally different mood then I was before, but I was terribly sorry I was in such a rush that I didn't buy a CD which I could listen to later on, as I often tend to be in a mood for such music - but not this night)... Once again, I packed my bag and this time I headed for the former military barracks, for what my friends in Maribor promised me would be an excellent concert (they saw this band a couple of days ago)

Cosovel, which I guess I should really of have gone to see two days later in Kosovelova soba in Sežana, as I am sure that they saved their best for there (not to say it was not good here, mind you). All the jumping in the front row (yes, I don't take photos of all the time, if I like the music I dance, or do something which resembles dancing, but you know, as FZ used to say: One of my legs is shorter than the other and both my feet too long) got me a bit tired, but I still went to see

Bernays propaganda as I always enjoy hearing them live and even though they seemed to have lost a little bit of their edge over the years they still give a great concert. When they finished I wanted to go and see another band but when I came there the venue was so packed they were not letting people in, and as I am people, I was not let in. So I went around and stopped to hear one song by The Canyon Observer (I didn't take any photos of them, as it was all darkness and fog and so many people I just knew that even if I managed to squeeze myself somewhere close to the stage I would not manage to take a photo that would please me), and then I dropped by top hear one song of

Pridjevi, but as I only heard a single song, I cannot really tell you anything about them (not that I told you much about the previous bands, as I am not a reviewer). After that In was told I should check out the Bosnian hip-hopper (and apparently I do as I am told)

Sassja. Once she finished I was about as tired as you are after reading my blog, so I decided I needed to go home, even though there was more to be had... but the old and wise man that I am, I thought to myself: tomorrow is another day, so I went home to check whether my bed was still empty (and yes, it was), knowing that I will return the very next day.

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