Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ment festival - day 1

I often get lost composing my blog after I attended a concert or even festival with more bands. At the beginning I  really tried to stick to my original (as in first, not as in never ever seen before) idea that I will post a single photo every day, but through time the blog sort of evolved (yes, I am an evolutionist by nature) or at least changed if not evolved, as I might discover sometime in the future that the new path is merely a cul-de-sac (and, no it hasn't proven to be one yet, and I guess that if it does I am most likely to take a few steps back and find another path down another cul-de-sac, for that's just how life seems to be, a series of dead ends - just like this overly long sentence and blog post in general)...
Anyway, not to get too much into all this, here are photos from first day of the festival (but just one from each band, the rest you can find elsewhere). This first one is from Leyya, which I am sure I would enjoy if I was in a slightly different mood, but here I was all excited about the three day festival and all the new bands that I will see I almost forgot about all the love woes that constantly chase me.. But I will remember to listen to them as soon as the festival is over and I will fall back into my normal life....
Leyya was followed by an unplugged version of Noctiferia (is that even possible? A metal band unplugged? - It turns out it is).
And they were followed by Nina Bulatovix, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not find Nina anywhere... so here is the drummer of the band.
And Repetitor were back, but I  seem to see them on a rather regular basis anyway. Still haven't got bored with them and they were my favourite band of the evening (but I think I was kind of expecting that in advance, which is not really fair on all the other bands. But I tried to listen to all of them without prejudice)
The evening was brought to the end by ABOP, but I was a bit tired by now (some of us actually have to work in the morning), so maybe my heart was not all in it by this stage.

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