Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I really

never intended to show this photo in this way on my blog, as this photo was taken as a promo photo for an upcoming piece in Glej Theatre, but today I woke up to the news that parents are willing to turn their backs on somebody else's children and actually stand up against them (really? rising against under 15 year-olds, who have found themselves in a strange country with nobody to look after them) just because they are the wrong colour or the wrong religion (because this is basically what it comes down to once you think about it). I have been trying all morning to get my head round this. And now I am trying to explain to you how I feel about this. And I can't. Because I find this is so opposed to everything I believe in that my otherwise (often over)analytical and down to earth brain can simply not wrap itself around this concept. As this has made me speechless, I will obviously not write a 25 page essay explaining in just how many ways this is wrong, nor will I attempt to explain that the problem is broader and of course does not address merely the issue as to how we treat these children, but also how we treat adults who are in a similar situation and people in general. Even though I am speechless and dumbfounded (and thus have a problem in writing anything coherent) by the current situation in this world I feel the need to say something about it, to tell the world that I do not agree with this.
I don't wont to live in a world like this, please help me change it.

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