Saturday, 6 December 2014

You know how The Specials' song goes

I go out on Friday night and I come home on Saturday morning
Well, I am no quite up to that anymore, especially as it was a Saturday night. But I did manage to go to a dance performance where I played with my camera just a little bit and took a few photos where I tried to focus on a part of a move I would usually not focus on, just to see how that works out. And to be honest, I can't really decide, but I don't know whether it is just because I am so used to doing in a certain way or ... (But whatever the results it is good to experiment (or play as a friend of mine would say)). When I stepped out from the venue I looked at the exhibition (because what sort of a culture buff would I be if I just walked past it?) and for this shot decided not to focus on the exhibited works but on their positioning behind bars (which seemed rather fitting for the cultural revolution this place is going through).
After that I went to a concert (well I wanted to pop in and see another concert, but it was too expensive and organised by someone who once took 10 minutes to explain to me that there is no such thing as a free lunch when I wanted to get into a concert to take a few photos, even though she has proven to be more than willing - on more than one occasion - to use my photographs without even asking me for showing how fun her concerts were). But in the end everything turned out as it should. I had great fun at the concert I ended up at, and took a very portrait like photo of the singer (I mean one that does not necessarily look like it was taken in the middle of the concert).

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