Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Funny story

There is a funny story behind this photo. At the concert this guy approached me, and he was obviously drunk or stonned or something... He started talking to me and explaining what his photographer friend told him about taking real photographs... so after a few minutes and exchanging some pleasantries as one does when trying to make sense from a drunk, I left (it was in between a band switchover), because I thought I truly deserve that beer now... so anyway... I came back and the new band started playing... and they were playing their stuff... they were well into their groove and all... and at about the third song, I suddenly see this guy playing the keyboards in the background (behind the band) and having a great time... He played for about a song and a half (the keyboards were not connected to the amplifier) and then stumbled away... but during that time he certainly had the best time on stage and I think the band did not notice him and most people thought he was with the band except for the few who noticed he just stumbled on stage midsong, played the keyboards for a while without actually adding any sounds to the band, and then stumbling off the stage...

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