Monday, 11 April 2011

Back to the roots

I returned to the place where I started taking concert photographs. During the year it is a rather quiet place (with quite a few events, but still it seems quiet), but in the summer it livens up. Fully. & utterly. They have a one month concert/dance/theatre/exhibition festival that is free for all :) And it was at this festival that I started taking photographs of concerts... way before I had a digital SLR... I had a 3.2 MP Fuji compact... but look where that took me... After years of photographing just in that one month in the summer, I now cannot imagine myself without a camera (neither can anybody else really)... (but can't quit my day job as yet)
So I returned to the place and had the special treat (so I heard) to hear the first public performance of the band... That does not happen that often, does it?
(And the photo shows the joy of the singer when the concert was over)

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