Saturday, 12 March 2011

Last minute

I truly thought that I would spend the evening at home for a change... You know, my red couch, a library book, steaming and soothing tea and biscuits, maybe even hot chocolate (no, not hot chocolate, 'cos I never have it at home).. . But you know the feeling...

Then I came home from an afternoon in the sun (still cold and clumsily setting three rays into spring while leaving the majority behind in winter). It was a good and relaxing afternoon, tea with a friend, followed by lunch and a post-lunch drink with more friends). On my return home I turned on the computer and saw that one of the youngsters (which means one from a new, young & unestablished band) asked me if I could come to their concert and take a photo or two... Why not I ask? The youngsters need a bit of support... And I guess I can do my little bit. And by some strange coincidence I met a newspaper reporter who wanted to interview them so I promised her some photos and passed on her email onto the band. That should help them a bit hopefully...

As far as the concert report goes, the young ones still need a bit of training I guess, but they are on the right path, doing their own stuff… this was especially noticeable as they were followed by a band of oldies (you know, like my age), who proudly announced that they are playing at this event for the ninth year running and that they have been playing the same songs more or less for all nine of them - I have no idea whether that was a joke or not, but considering that during the time I was there they did not play a single original song (nor did they add anything original to their covers) I think I just might believe them... )

As for the tea and biscuits thing, there is always tomorrow.

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