Tuesday, 7 September 2010


In a little known cave in the Slovenian Karst scientists have discovered a series of ink printed tweets... They assume that they were created as early as mid 2009 and are considered to be one of the first Tweets in this part of the world... At the unveilin of the first tweets in Slovenia the tweetologist Jaka ┼Żeleznikar(on the photo) stated: 'We are very pleased to have found this discovery... It shows that our territories were never more than 700 years behind the rest world ... The discovered tweets reveal the importance of our territories for the evolution of Tweetianity, which has come to dominate and rule the world in recent years...'
Jaka ┼Żeleznikar ended his speech with the following words: 'Now that we have put ourselves on the map, I hope we will soon find evidence of Slovene tweets on the interweb...Last one to be there is a rotten tomato' and his fingers slowly started stroking the keyboard.

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