Monday, 20 September 2010

2 shows

I saw 2 shows tonight. Neither of them was a theatre play in the usual meaning of the word. The first was a lecture, rather one-sided, and not the best prepared, which resulted in the audience sending an e-mail to the leaders of the International Monetary Fund that they are guilty. Of ruining the economy, the natural resources and Croatia. Well, hmmmm... Of course they messed up a lot of things, but I think you need to present it a bit better, and decide what you want to expose... It is ironic (as Alanis would say) that someone who is raging against economists in a capitalist system does this according to a checklist performed by a now reformed capitalist who has probably ruined more lives than my blog readers have had hot dinners.
The second performance was a technical one with no actors. A series of slides and special effects and lots of smoke. And a robot. And balloons. And a very small laser show. And noise. It was an anti-war performance (can I call it a performance if nobody is performing?).
The good thing about both performances was that they make the audience think. The first about capitalism as a global system, the second about war. Thinking is good. I am all in favour of thinking. One day, when I inherit the family brain cell, I might even do a bit of it myself.

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