Wednesday, 8 September 2010


does not even begin to describe it. The whole week is chaos... hectic... havoc (as my dear friend would totally mispronounce it). But Wednesday especially. After doing my first shift translating, I went to my first official session as one of the KS photographers. I had to go and cover a book launch of the translation of George Monbiot's book. He seemed an interesting guy, going to extremes in order to save our planet... but yes, every little thing helps... unfortunately I got my bike stolen on Sunday (and still have not got a new one) so I spent the week driving my car (I felt very strange driving around Ljubljana) or walking...
But anyway, while I was still on the way to the book launch, a dancer friend of mine called and said: ‘It’s the opening night tomorrow. Could you come and photograph our dress rehearsal in half an hour?’ Well, no, because I am just covering a book launch was my reply (at this I must tell you that I love photographing dance performances), but if you can wait for a bit I will rush over there as soon as I finish... So a deal was struck. So drive like a madman (yes, sometimes even reaching speeds of 67 in a 60 km/h zone to the book launch, listen to what George had to say, take a few photos, jump in the car, drive like a madman again, jump out of the car, run through the interior of CD (which is being renovated by the way and has been turned into a maze) take my camera out while running down the stairs and pressing the trigger even before anyone could say: Action!)
After that I rushed home so that I could send a few photos to the designer of the dance company so that she could put them in a video projection which was a part of the show and then whizzed to KS to listen to (and take photographs of course) Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine. I think the best part of it was when I realised that I was hearing California uber alles live.. which was something I thought would never happen (as my twitter readers know already). Not that I am a fan... I never was a true one... my idea of punk remains The Clash... but I know that this song had a sort of cult status when I was in school. And in the middle of the concert I realised that here it is... blasted at me through the speakers... and that it is not some sort of mellow remix by what the late 90s & early naughties called punk (you know all that Green Day nonsense)... but you know almost like the real deal...
And yes... by 1.30 when the concert ended I had about 8 hours of translating behind me and almost 8 hours of photography behind me... what is a man to do? Well, sleep seemed to be the obvious answer for me. Good night California. Good night Brixton. Good night all.

P.S. I didn’t say anything about the photo. It is from the dance performance and I liked it because it has got a dancer (who is disabled) looking at what we perceive as sexy legs (well the male part of the audience at least)... it is like she does not really mind that she cannot use her legs properly... she handles that very well throughout the show, but it seems as if the main desire is focused on the aesthetic part of the body (not the functional) – don’t you just love the superficiality of today’s world?

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