Friday, 20 August 2010

Recital & concert

another busy day for yours truly. After work I went to a poetry recital (with a bass guitar, no, not me, the poet) and then I drove off to the neighbouring town for an outdoor concert. Today I decided to post this picture, just so I can comment on the strange social practice that started appearing (quite a while ago, but I never commented on this before I think). When people - people you don't know from Adam - see you got a camera (especially if it is a SLR) they tend to come up to you and ask you to take a photo... They don't care for where or what it will be used for... They just say: 'Take my photo!' or 'Me, me!' and once you have taken it they seem satisfied with this fact. In most cases they just walk away. Rarely do they come back and ask you to send it to them or ask if they can see it somewhere. I find this sort of exhibitionism a bit strange, but I suppose it does make a good photo sometimes (nothing special in this case).

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