Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Monty Python

Well, this was one that got me worried. A Slovene theatre show called Monty Python. You know... the brilliance of the Monty Pythons on one hand and the uncertainty of Slovene comedy on the other side. The Slovenes never seemed to be a comedy nation to me, even though things are changing recently... Stand-up started appearing, and from its shy beginnings some OK stand-up emerged. And I suppose this is a step in the same direction... Basically it is an hour and a half of Monty Python sketches and songs that were translated into Slovene (mostly quite OK, with a few exceptions - like nineteen to the dozen, for example). Nothing spectacular, but a good starting point I guess for a Slovene on his way to discovering the real Monty Pythons...
This photo is from the sketch when the son (miner) returns home to his father (writer) and mum. And the roles are sort of reversed... you know the son left London to go and pursue a career, because middle class was just not good enough....


  1. Did they do do the one about climbing the six peaks of Triglav?
    P.S. Some of the shots from your picasa album of The Real McKenzies wouldn't look out of place in a Monty Python show.

  2. No six peaks of Triglav - which would be a good one for them to do though..
    So you find men in kilts montypythonesque, do you :)