Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm back!

Photos are back! Events are back (well they were there to be had all the time)! And to celebrate me feeling better and going out to take photos again I sat in a car and drove out of Ljubljana... all the way to... ...Kamnik. Well, yes, I know, it is not really far... but there was a concert there I wanted to go and see (or listen to - with me it really is both, well, and feel it also, so the three really). I like to hear it (after all they are playing music), but I also like to photograph it (it helps to see in this case) and I also like to feel the atmosphere and everything surrounding the concert (or any other performance for that matter).
For a change I will not give you a photo from any of the performances I have seen this evening (as always, you know where to find them)… instead here is a photograph from the town of Kamnik at night… (for a change).

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