Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Student fashion show

As anyone who knows me could tell you I am not a great fashion aficionado. I wear what I like to call clothes... You know something that is roughly the right size, that looks almost OK, that covers my body and keeps it warm, especially in the winter.
But my lack of interest in what I am wearing does not mean I find all clothes uninteresting... When walking down the streets there are times when I look at a piece of clothing twice (no, really) and I have been to a fashion show or two. At fashion show I tend not to even look at the articles as clothes, but more as a piece of creativity. A lot (but not all mind you) of fashion show clothes are anyway clothes that nobody could ever wear... well, no I tell a fib. Obviously the models wear them at the shows, but that is about it. This time there were one or two I liked, a couple that were interesting but impossible to wear, a few that made me giggle (which is also good) and quite a few that didn’t do anything for me (but even at these I enjoyed myself as I can my trusty camera with me). Here is a picture that does not really show that much fashion, but it is my favourite as a photo (if you are interested in student fashion production in Ljubljana you know where to find my pics).

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