Monday, 28 June 2010

Photo exhibition

Tonight it was time for a photo exhibition... As tomorrow is the start of the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, the photo exhibition depicts jazz musicians. Some of the photos were really good, others not so... well I guess somebody else might enjoy the other ones. Overall my favourite were the photos by Petra Cvelbar and Iztok Vidmar. It is strange because they are very much opposites... however, both manage to capture something I like... Petra gets an incredibly sharp and clear picture, while Iztok does much more dark photos with just small light patches... Petra's photos are so sharp you can see what is on the mind of the musician, while Iztok's are made with such a deep and intense feeling that you can actually experience what the musician is thinking. All in all, a nice evening...
But just to keep you on your toes, here is a photo that was not done by neither of them... (it is good though)

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