Monday, 7 June 2010


... for the season. Today the last event at the cancer clinic took place. No more until autumn. That seems a bit unfair to me… so everybody who is undergoing treatment during summer has got a double whammy (or even a triple… arrrghh I should stop thinking about all of these things). First they have cancer which sucks big time (this is really not up for discussion) then they are in hospital over summer (which also sucks) and thirdly they have no event to look forward to.
On the other hand I do understand the volunteers (who will still be there doing the harder things – albeit in smaller numbers). They also need a break from all this. You know holidays? Put their mind off everything. Well I guess if any of you out there have a performing talent (I didn’t see any of the Slovenia has talent shows – come to think of it I didn’t see any country’s talent shows – but as I understood there were a lot of applicants, so there must be some talent somewhere) and would come and perform for patients (keep this in mind!) I am sure something could be organised even over the summer.

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