Friday, 25 June 2010


A night to gossip. Well, OK, maybe I am not the right person to gossip with. I am not up-to-date with the gossip. But last night I was. Up to date with Gossip. As I had such a busy week I did not even sort out a photo pass, but then Neli & Roman gave me a free ticket (thanx to you both). For a while I was thinking should I even take the camera with me as I do not have the photo pass. I thought that then the security on the door will ask what is in your bag and you know it will all get complicated... you know how it goes... But then I decided that if I do not take the camera with me, something will happen that I will really want to photograph and I will not be able to... and you know... drama... tragedy... disaster... the end of the world... and all that. So the camera went with me... and yes during the concert I did not have the best position, but hey, that's life... but then the singer went into the crowd (a brave thing when there is a couple thousand people who want to touch you) and I got some good crowd shots, which are different to the normal concert ones...

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