Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Waiting Room

in Stoke Newington (now there is a part of London I haven't been since summer, and it was my first time in the Waiting Room). But I was invited or rather called to do a favour and come and see a few bands or performers there on this Wednesday night. First off was Harry Strange (who isn't really strange, even though he does think that Ed Sheeran has ruined it for all ginger singer songwriters playing the guitar (hence the keyboards))

  Then came Up down go machine, which was the only real band of the night (I mean, you know, like all the instruments and stuff), but the bass player found it a bit hard to keep awake during the concert (I know, I bet he is so good that playing a middle of the road bass line is just not good enough for him - so please lads give him the chance to come up with a totally awesome bass solo, he might remain awake throughout the gig if you do)

 And the evening was brought to an end by Gecko, who I enjoyed the most (even though this was the second time I have seen him this year - and it is only 10th January). He has fun lyrics and he likes interacting with the public and keeps you entertained throughout - but hey you will need to think of some new jokes for all those peeps who will come to more of your shows.

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