Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The first day was easy

it was all at the same venue and love was in the air. 
Koala Voice (I always enjoy listening to them, but this time I felt they didn't make a step forward form the last time I saw them - and until now they always managed to do that)
Erki Pärnoja (I wasn't quite in the right mood for them that evening)
Heymoonshaker (they were my favourites of the evening as they really managed to fill the place with their energy and amazing sounds).
 Sauropod (reminded me of someone but could't quite put my finger on it)
Tommy Cash (with a name like that you would expect him to be the younger (rather unknown) brother of Johhny, but no, he is a wacky rapper from Estonia (of all places).
Leni Kravac, ended the evening with a wild boost of energy. 

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