Thursday, 6 March 2014

You go

out one Thursday afternoon to drop into a closing of an exhibition and there you see your cousin performing (which you didn't know, and you sure didn't expect). Really? Tosja? Why do you look just like Michele? After watching the performance for a while (it is a loop style performance, which gives you the freedom not to stay throughout the entire duration), you move on to an opening, (after all, every closing must be followed by an opening. Or is it the other way round?)
where you see more people enjoying themselves (which is nice (said in the voice used by the bloke in the fast show who says which was nice)). However, as there was nobody from my family performing at this opening (which I kind of expected at this stage of the evening) I went on to a concert, after all, it was Thursday night, and it was the beginning of the Red dawns festival. First to kick off were Tirana
who are (of course) not from Albania, but from Austria, (nope, no relatives of mine here), and they were followed by Aivery,
an all girl noise-punk band from Vienna, currently on tour. And this brought the evening to an end (well to tell you the truth, the night was still young and all that crap (but I wasn't), so I thought I better head home get some rest and look forward to tomorrow's  concert.

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