Friday, 13 December 2013


After translating all day (man are these deadlines tough), I went to the anti-corruption demonstrations, because, let’s face it, what is the point of working all day, trying to earn a bob or two, when most of the money I earn will just be spent to replace the colossal dosh holes in the state budget that occurred because some morally bankrupt (but not financially!) people thought that it is much better for them to have a lot of money, as it would otherwise be spent on health care, education, food, clothes, housing for the poor and nonsense like that. And this would obviously be a huge waste of money that is just lying around waiting to be snatched by anyone with no scruples whatsoever. 

After that I went to see a rehearsal for a performance, because let’s face it, what’s the point of working and fighting for your rights if you ain’t got no culture… so you need to go and support it in some way. And the good thing is that there is always something new (well, OK, almost always).

After the performance I just had to go and check out whether it was true that a starship has just landed in the Ljubljana Modern gallery. I mean, really. Out of all the places, right here, almost on my doorstep. And guess what? Yes, it really was there. Neatly parked in the basement. (However, it did appear to be slightly knackered from all the travelling it had done). 

And to bring this long Friday to an end I popped to a local café for a bit of live jazz music and a nightcap. (Because, you know, did I mention the deadlines? Yes, you guessed it, Saturday will be  another working day, just like Sunday)

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