Sunday, 8 December 2013

Course of events (or when the title of the show fits real life just perfectly)

On Wednesday I was supposed to go and photograph the dress rehearsal for this show, but in the morning as my alarm went off and I got up, my body had a different idea as to how it wants to spend the day. Following the first couple of steps, the body just crashed to the ground. Just like I was some sort of Icarus or a hot air balloon caught in the midst of a surprise summer storm. After waking up on the floor no less than three (3!) times, I decided I should go back to bed for a bit and then visit my GP. Of course all this meant that I had to tell the good people at the theatre that I can't make it to the dress rehearsal (I am almost 100% that this was the first time I actually didn't go to photograph something that I arranged to go). Luckily they got somebody to step in at such short notice, but it sure left me restless. It was not that it bothered me that I lost a work opportunity (and no, it is not that I am so loaded with dosh that I couldn't care less for it), it really, really bugged me that there was a photo op out there that I am going to miss out on. It is all about the joy of being there, seeing people perform, hearing them, learning something about how other people think, function, how their imagination works that doesn't let me sleep at night (or day). Luckily for me, I felt better soon, so I managed to catch the opening night on Sunday and took just a few photos of the performance - for me, so I could feel relaxed and happy that the show did not elude me, for the performers and all involved in the performance and the theatre to have a small memento of the opening night and for all of you who occasionally take a look at my blog or my photos elsewhere. So, all's well that ends well. 

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