Friday, 18 October 2013

One of those days

when too many things took place... so I decided to post a gazzillion ( no more and no less) photos for a change.
First was the opening of the Berlin collective (these were the four that came to the opening):
and here are a few of their works:

and here is the artist playing gallery footie with his work:
After that (or maybe rather in between) we all went to see a performance next door:
 it was a sort of combination of a play and what we were told was a butoh dance
and then we had some time to kill before the concert started. So we went to a couple artist studios just across the yard.
Just one quick photo from there, you know, what happens in an artist studio stays in an artist studio.
and to finish it all off we went back across the yard for the concert. And as there are so many photos today, I might just as well post a few from the concert instead of the usual one.
The drummer
 the chaos
 and one of the band members singing (they were constantly switching roles, so it is hard to say what else she did)
 ... and then I just went home to bed.

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  1. Crikey, I'm exhausted reading it. How did you keep up with it all?