Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another one

of them (way too many things in a single day)
First I went to see what the young actors and directors are up to at the academy. 

 It is kind of like a sneak preview of what is going to come in years to come. The first show seemed a great exercise for the actors, not quite as thrilling for the public – but hey, I did invade their learning grounds, so that’s the way it should be really. After this show I rushed to

The march in support of the student radio. Of course, they were well behind schedule, so they were not where we (me and a few of the performers) were. But it gave me a bit of time to chat and not much before I was about to go the people arrived to the square. I said a quick 'Hi', took a photograph of a banner and went back to the academy to see the second play of the afternoon. 

Which was definitely the Addams family...

...played to a live performance of Shostakovich (the rest of the band was hiding on some scaffolding).
So, guess where I went after this performance? Yes, you guessed. Back to the march in support of the student radio. When I arrived the concert part was in full swing… 

after this I really wanted to go to see another play at the academy (I was really into it by this stage), but I promised this guy
I would come and see his concert, so I went there instead. At this concert I witnessed a weird combination of some songs from the times when my dad used to play in this band, some new songs some new lyrics on top of old music - a right kerfuffle one could say... After all of this I treated myself to a beer and went home.

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