Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Where is this all taking us?

 Is it true that Slovenia and Europe (see flags in the background) don't care about their people? Well, it certainly seems so, for they are doing many things that would until recently have been unthinkable, or considered something that was done in a 19th century colony. It seems that numerous rights that our parents and their parents (and a few generations before them) fought for and which we took for granted (I know you should never take anything for granted, but you know I kind of got used to the idea of basic human dignity) are now disappearing, are blown out the window, flushed down the toilet, erased from the page they were written on,...
Luckily, some are willing to stabd up and say stop to all this. So if you are reading this blog, I would also like to join them all and say STOP to all this nonsense. 

And just in case it all goes down the drain, I thought I would catch an exhibition

and a performance before they close everything down (actually I know there is no way they will shut culture and art down, whatever they do, because people will always be innovative and productive, so I am sure looking forward to seeing many new things in the future).

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