Monday, 7 January 2013

Slovenian architecture

I went to the opening of the exhibition and started thinking about this while the architects were celebrating. This hospic (which is the only one in the country we are told) was built in 2010 and guess what... in 2012 it has already lost its funding and apparently it will close down. And this raised a whole lot of questions in my little head. How can a country with 2 million people not have even one measly hospic ? If they went and built it, why did they not make sure that there will be funds at least for the next 10 years (I would really like to say 20 (or even forever), but that is just my brain living in Neverland)?
I won't bore you with all the questions I asked myself, as I know you can think of many more, but I doubt I am the only one out there who thinks this is wrong.

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