Saturday, 4 February 2012


We all knew it would come. But we let the thought rattle somewhere deep down in the small hidden storage room just off centre of the labyrinth at the back of our mind. We hoped against hope that it would come some time later. That it will not affect us. Or our children (I know that was stretching it a bit). Slowly they poisoned our minds. Throwing us a bone (usually made in China) every now and then, just to keep us happy. Making us focus on what we thought was making us happy, and forget about the things that matter. The real things. Like having rights. Equal rights. Being able to express our thoughts. Or feelings (if we still had any left). Exchange ideas. And make them count. Inspire each other. Support each other.

We all knew the time would come. That we would be controlled and stripped of our rights. But how many of us realised we were living the nightmare already?
(Hats off to George Orwell)

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