Monday, 21 November 2011

Now that was exciting

Guess what I was up to. No, I don't think the photo will help you with your guess. It might help you guess where I was, but not what I was up to. Anyway, I went to Irena's exhibition opening. And yes, you probably guessed I took one or two photos, that wasn't so hard (to guess I mean). But I meant what else was I up to? Ok, I know that the human attention span has been reduced to the time it takes the average index finger to click on the mouse button, so you either gave up and started surfing on a different wave (or page) (in which case booo to you, but you will never know I just said booo to you as you are no longer on this blog) or you are still reading and you are dying to know what I was up to (I guess that is why you kept on reading) or you know exactly what I was up to and you just want to see how lost I can get in a single sentance. Anyway, at the opening I read a few of my poems (and yes that is the exciting part, but I have had years of training in how to disguise anysort of excitement whatsoever). And I have not done this in yonks (or eons, whichever is longer). And I forgot that it is fun. See, all I need is a little nudge from my friends at the right time and even I can master the courage to crawl out of my little see through shell. And who knows, I might even do it again some day...


  1. I have never read my poems in public - and I don't know if I ...yes, it is about the courage.

    Congratulation - for Irena's exhibition and your poetry performance.


  2. Thanx, you should try it soon... It is a nice and exciting experience :)