Saturday, 19 November 2011

In search of...

Fed up with all the fog we have been having, I decided I need to do something in the name of all us living in the underworld and try to bring you all (and me, obviously) some news from the world above... My forefathers believed that the world above is full of fresh air and that a huge yellow ball travels across the blue, blue sky. So I started climbing, upwards, high above the underwolrd, climbing up grounds that have not seen a human foot in thousands of years. Land uncharted, and I felt like the explorer who sat at the back of his ship, hoping that the wind will blow it over the edge of the world (he had a mortgage so high and life threatening he knew he did not have a chance in hell of paying it off, so sailing off the edge of the world seemed to be the safe and easy option).
What I found was something white on the ground. After tasting it and subduing it to various chemical tests I realised it had no special flavour and as I could not find a use for it I continued on my journey onwards and upwards. After walking for another eon or so, I could still see no blue sky. Only the fog I knew so well. I started to doubt the legacy of our forefathers, I started considering it just another myth...
The air was getting lighter and thinner, and the inhabitants of this midworld were getting smaller and smaller (probably because of the thin air). As I was walking (yes, still upwards) I stumbled across one of their skyscrapers in the fog.

Following a long and detailed search I found their chief, who was not really communicative. On the up side, he did seem to smile a lot...
...and he did offer me some of their local delicacies to eat (he also offered his daughter's hand in marriage, but after a few glasses of their local wine we both agreed that I might not be the best suited for her).
So now that I was re-energised and had a little rest I stepped boldly onwards. I am quite sure no human has ever gone so high, or at least has not lived to tell the tale. And after turning the 1178 corner, I saw this appear in front of my eyes. What our forefathers had been passing down through generations was true! The skies in the world up above are blue! Not everything is grey, and fog doesn't gobble up absolutely everything & everyone.
And the trees have different colour leaves.
And a huge yellow ball hangs in the middle of the blue sky.

And I really didn't want to go back into the underworld, but I decided I must come down and tell you all about the blue sky and the yellow ball and the fresh air... So now you know, you can all join me on my journey upwards and beyond...


  1. Thank you for the journey - needed it.
    This underworld is so difficult and heavy.
    Small crystals along the way - at the top - the biggest - the yellow one :-)

    In kje si to bil, ko je tako lepo?

  2. Aja - sem pozabila povedati - končno sem v tisku - kmalu bo zadišalo po svežih črkah :-)
    Vzročki so capljali na obroke in je bilo potrebno nekaj popravkov...
    Kmalu, kmalu - potem se pa magari zmeniva za en kofetek :-)
    Vsi so pohvalili fotko.

  3. Hm :-) vzročki naj bi bili vzorčki, čeprav so bili zadaj res vzročki.

  4. Jutro Nevenka...
    Čestitke za knjigo, se bova dobila na kavici in jo boš pokazala ko bodo črke se na papir prisesale :) Me veseli da je ljudjem všeč fotka, ampak najvažneje je da je tebi všeč, saj je bila zate narejena :)
    Bil sem pa na Smledniškemu starem gradu - meglen del zgodbe in pa na Krvavcu - soncni del zgodbe...

  5. He, he... prva fotka na kateri sem si res všeč,
    odprta in zaprta za svet - hkrati - tako kot v resnici.

    Aha, sem poguglala - nad Zbiljem, nisem še bila tam - samo spodaj ob jezeru in to poleti.
    Tudi jaz se obračam za soncem - jo tudi kdaj mahnem malce nad oblake - ko človek pogleda v dolino, se počuti kot Zevs :-)